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Glamtech schaar "Tatsu" 5.5inch

€ 390,00

Deze schaar ligt heerlijk in de hand en is gemaakt van hoogwaardig ATS314 staal. Dit staat (net als VG10 staal) garant voor hoge scherpte en een langdurig behoudt van zijn scherpte.

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Every Tatsu is handmade in superior materials and undergoes a rigorous testing process to guarantee perfection. The silky smooth cutting action is a treat to experience.  An advanced moulding technique is used to shape the dragon skin design handles, creating a formidable level of comfort for fingers and thumb and ensuring the perfect cutting position to reduce fatigue in the hands and wrists. The fully integrated cutting edge provides a lasting sharpness that is only possible to maintain with steel of this quality. Producing Tatsu in an ATS 314 Japanese steel enables us to make our sharpest, finest blade. Available in 5.5″ only